Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)


We have two nationally recognised corporate / commercial driver training courses and one non-recognised course. Driven Training is a leading provider of driver training for organisations throughout Australia, but particularly to Queensland’s Resources and Infrastructure industries. We provide both nationally recognised and non-recognised training courses.

Driven Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)

Nationally Recognised Courses


TLIC1051 Operate a Commercial Vehicle (Defensive Driving)

Participants will learn to operate and maintain the safety of a commercial vehicle across a variety of job roles. This includes: defensive driving techniques, managing vehicle performance and condition, monitoring traffic, monitoring equipment, and effectively managing hazardous situations.


RIIVEH201E Operate A Light Vehicle (Defensive Driving)

This training course teaches the knowledge and skills required to operate a light vehicle in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries, including defensive driving techniques. This course is appropriate for those working in operational roles.

Non-Accredited Courses

$440 incl. GST

Fleet Safety Course

This course is designed to increase knowledge of safe driving techniques and acceptable driving behavior in everyday situations. It includes: updating drivers on the most current road rules, defensive driving techniques, a behind-the-wheel practical training session and more.

$435 incl. GST

2 hours. Our Verification of Competency Assessment ensures drivers are up to date with the latest transport regulations & standards & are able to safely drive one of the following trucks: LR, MR, HR, MC, HC, Tow Truck (Towing and Tilt-tray).

$375 incl. GST

On Road Defensive Driving Course

This is a non-accredited course, for the general public, consisting of both an information component and a hands-on driving component. Participants will learn the principles of Defensive Driving: how to improve safety margins, identify hazards, minimise risks, read traffic conditions, know how vehicles behave in emergency conditions, stopping distances, etc.

Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)
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