Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)


These four-wheel-drive courses are designed to suit the training needs of businesses, especially those in the Resources and Infrastructure industries. They are all nationally recognised with the Australia Government – Australian Skills Quality Authority & Driven Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)

We also offer Recreational 4WD Courses that cater to the needs of individuals.


RIIVEH305F Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle

In this course you will learn how to operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle in the Infrastructure and Resources Industries. Including: learning 4WD terminology and techniques, performing pre-departure checks, using 4WD mode, vehicle recovery, maintenance and minor repairs.


AHCMOM216 Operate Side By Side Utility Vehicle

This one-day course teaches the knowledge and skills needed to undertake work using a side by side utility vehicle for general transport, carrying loads, mustering stock and towing small trailers.


PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles In The Field

In this course you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to prepare and operate vehicles, and related equipment, in order to drive across a variety of terrains. This training applies to drivers required to perform a daily check of their vehicle for damage, effect minor repairs, ensure that fuels and lubricant levels are maintained, prepare and maintain field equipment, and communicate with their base station.


TLIC0023 Operate Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle (was TLIC2025)

This course teaches participants the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate a 4WD vehicle, both on-road and off-road, operating in rugged terrain, traversing gradients, ascending and descending steep gradients. It also teaches how to use vehicle equipment/controls and how to complete pre-operational and post-operational checks.


FWPCOT3325 Operate a 4WD On Unsealed Roads

In this driver training course you will learn to safely operate a 4WD vehicle on unsealed roads and in a variety of work settings with different terrains.


FWPCOT3329 Perform Complex 4WD Operations

This one-day 4WD training course teaches how to perform complex 4WD vehicle operations, including over rugged terrain and water crossings. It has been especially tailored to apply to people who operate a four-wheel drive in forest and timber processing environments.

Other Nationally Recognised Courses (Adapted for 4WD)

The following courses are enhanced versions of the official courses. The official specifications for these courses are designed for non-4WD vehicles, however, Driven has enhanced these training courses to also include the basic skills required to operate a 4WD vehicle safely (including driving on dirt and gravel roads), and to cater to the needs of our businesses in the Infrastructure and Resources industries.


RIIVEH201E Operate A Light Vehicle (Defensive Driving & 4WD)

This defensive driver training addresses the knowledge and skills needed to operate a light vehicle in the Infrastructure and Resources Industries. It’s appropriate for people working in operational roles.

Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)
The Nationally Accredited courses that we are accredited to deliver are marked with the Nationally Recognised Training logo .
Courses without this logo are not nationally accredited.