Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)


4WD Training for Businesses and Individuals

Driven Training is a leading provider of 4WD training to businesses in Australia and have specifically tailored training for the Resources and Infrastructure industries, which includes their suppliers and subcontractors.

Nationally Recognised 4WD Courses

These four-wheel drive courses have all been nationally recognised, and most have been customised to suit the needs of the resources and infrastructure industries. You can trust our experienced driving instructors and trainers to teach your staff the skills they need to know in order to operate their vehicles safely and efficiently.

4WD Recreational Course

If you are a private individual (not a business) and you want to learn to confidently drive a four-wheel drive vehicle in a range of terrains then these 4WD courses are for you. They are suitable for either complete beginners, or drivers who have some experience and want to take their skills to the next level. Our driving instructors will teach you what your vehicle is capable of doing, the things that you shouldn’t do, and you’ll learn techniques for getting your 4WD unstuck when it gets bogged.

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4WD truck driving up a steep, rocky, uneven hill. Driving course for Driven Training
4WD truck idling under a canopy of trees. Driving course for Driven training
Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)
The Nationally Accredited courses that we are accredited to deliver are marked with the Nationally Recognised Training logo .
Courses without this logo are not nationally accredited.