Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)


We have several defensive driving courses available. We have two full-day, nationally recognised courses, which are designed for corporate customers and contain a significant component of defensive driving techniques. We also have a non-recognised half-day course that is totally focused on defensive driving and is suitable for private individuals and businesses.

Driven Training is a leading provider of driver training for organisations throughout Australia, particularly to Queensland’s Resources and Infrastructure industries. We provide nationally recognised training for the business community and also non-recognised training courses for the general public.

Driven Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)

Nationally Recognised Courses That Contain Defensive Driving Elements

TLIC1051 – Operate a Commercial Vehicle (Defensive Driving)

Drivers will learn to operate and safely drive a commercial vehicle in a variety of conditions. We tailor this defensive driving course to meet your needs by focusing on safe driving in rural settings (unsealed roads), or in urban settings (sealed roads), or in both on-road and off-road environments.

RIIVEH201E Operate A Light Vehicle (Defensive Driving)

This defensive driving course teaches the knowledge and skills needed to operate a light vehicle in the Infrastructure and Resources Industries. While the national guidelines for RIIVEH201E say it’s for any light vehicle, we’ve customised our course to meet the additional needs of 4WD vehicles.

Personal Development Courses (Non-Accredited)

On Road Defensive Driving Course

Participants will learn the principles of defensive driving which will include how to improve safety margins and minimise risks. Drivers will learn how to identify hazards, read traffic conditions, know how vehicles behave in emergency conditions e.g. skids, stopping distances, etc. This course consists of both theory and practical driving components.

Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)
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