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Operate Commercial Vehicle

Course Dates

Course Name:

TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle

Course Type:

Defensive Driving Course (can be done in 4WD vehicle)

Course Description:

In this defensive driver training course, drivers will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to operate, and safely drive a commercial vehicle. We can customise the TLIC1051 defensive driving course to suit your needs and the vehicle it is being undertaken in. This is a commercial driving course suitable for: fleet vehicles, minibuses up to 12 people, vans and other commercial vehicles. It does not contain an off-road component.

This course is appropriate for all industries wanting to improve driver safety.

This driving course provides theory and practical lessons that cover common road safety issues, and helps participants adopt safe driving attitudes, being aware of hazards and become safer and more effective defensive drivers.

This course covers:

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Managing vehicle condition and performance
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Route selection
  • Navigation
  • Increasing driver awareness and improving attitude to increase safety
  • Effectively managing hazardous situations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Driving in different conditions
  • Eco driving principles and fatigue

Note: The course completion certificate will not contain the words “defensive driving course” because the official name of the course is “TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle” (as defined by In addition to covering defensive driving techniques, this 8-hour course also covers other material. If you are after a course that just covers defensive driving techniques, see our On Road Defensive Driving Course (which is not accredited by

Course Duration:

This defensive driving course is delivered over  8-hours (depending on ability and experience).

Course Locations:

We deliver this training course at our driver training facility located at:

  • Yatala, Queensland
    (halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast)

Or we can come to you.

  • Anywhere in Australia
    Our driver training instructors are also able to travel anywhere in Australia, to your location, to teach this course. There may be a Charge for travel when time spent travelling both to and from training location is more than 1 hour in total, and where there are mobilisation and demobilisation costs.


Course Pre-requisites:

Provisional car licence or higher must be held prior to commencement of this training. Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this training, and can vary between states, territories, and Industry sectors.

Training Dates:

This training course is offered for group bookings (minimum numbers and days may apply). Please contact our office to arrange a suitable date. The course is run with a student to assessor ratio of 3-1.

Course Cost:



TLIC1051 is a nationally recognised driver training course.
Driven Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)

TLIC1051 Course Structure

The TLIC1051 driver training course consists of:

  • Online self-paced study
  • Online assessment
  • Questionnaire
  • Static practical lessons
  • Hands-on lessons and assessment in a vehicle

TLIC1051 – Information Topics Covered

  • Prestart/post operational checks – load security/fault finding
  • Legal requirements and company policy/procedure – land access
  • Defensive driving techniques – night driving/animals/wet roads/environmental impacts
  • Journey management – fatigue/communication

Unit of competency: Here is the official government definition of what’s taught in the TLIC1051 driving course.

TLIC1051 – Practical Component

The TLIC1051 course contains 4 hours of static and practical training in a vehicle (4WD if requested) covering the following areas:

  • Prestart/post operational checks – load security/fault repair
  • Journey management
  • Emergency braking/cornering/adherence to road rules/company policy and procedure
Driven Training is a Registered Training Organisation (40780)
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