Towing is very different from everyday driving – it requires additional driving skills and safety precautions. As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to other road users and yourself when towing a trailer, or another vehicle, to drive to suit the conditions. Also, the towing vehicle, trailer and its load must meet all legal and safety requirements.

Unit of competency : AURTGA001 – Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers (Nationally accredited course)

Course outline
  • Theory session:
    • Hooking up / disconnection safety aspects & procedures
    • Connecting brakes and lights
    • Journey preparation
    • Handling characteristics
    • Legal requirements
    • Dealing with other road users
    • Pre-start / Post operation checks
    • Load restraint
    • Written and oral assessment


  • Static Practical
    • Pre-start / Post operation trailer inspection
    • Hooking up / disconnection
    • Load restraint


  • Practical
    • Trailer Manoeuvring techniques 
    • Road driving assessment
    • Unseal road driving assessment