Driven Training’s suite of Safety Training has been designed with a single purpose to train and assess participants in a range of skills and knowledge that, when applied, will enable those who are deemed competent to work safely on Resource & Infrastructure, Large Construction Project and Transport & Logistics Industries and in the Energy Sector nationally.

Those working in these sectors know that on any major project there are always multiple industry disciplines working side by side. For this reason we have developed programs that, where ever practical, meet multiple industry criteria. Our white card program is a great example of how we have aligned training to meet three seperate industry units of competency.

Clients who choose our safety programs can enjoy the peace of mind that those who have developed the training have real world industry experience, skills and knowledge, extensive training and assessment experience coupled with a client focus that is second to none. For these same reasons Driven Training management take an active role in the Industry Skills Councils (skillsDMC) RII09 Training Package Review. During the review our focus is on units of competency applicable to Hazard Identification and Risk Management. Our aim in participating in this review is to develop units of competencies that will see an end to our sectors use of inappropriate Industry Training Packages that do not truly apply to the clients we service.

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